Making hypnotherapy accessible to all

I want to make hypnotherapy accessible to all and will be keeping the costs as low as possible, passing on savings and price reductions where I can.

My own research has shown that you could pay between £70-£90 per session; however, I will be charging a session fee of:


for children


for adults

I offer discounts for multi session packages as well as a 20% discount for those in receipt of the following benefits:

  • carers allowance
  • DLA or PIP
  • universal credit
  • working or child tax credits

To qualify for this discount, supporting documentation will need to be provided.

Please be mindful that you are paying for my time, knowledge and skills.

No hypnotherapist can guarantee results.

Initial consultations

The initial consultation is usually 1.5 to 2 hours long.

We spend this time getting to know each other, and exploring the challenges you are experiencing and your reasons for seeking support.

This will help us to come to an agreed treatment plan that is tailored to your specific needs and work towards achieving your goals.

Make a booking

If you are interested in finding out how hypnotherapy can help you or you want to book an initial consultation, please get in touch.